These days, almost everything is done over the internet. When you're buying vacation property, you're much more likely to Google it and peruse your options than phone a realtor or travel down to look at the properties in person. Because so many people often do their real estate shopping from their home computer, the more you have online about your home the better your chances of selling it. Virtual tours are the pinnacle of e-listings. We'll tell you all about them here.

What is a virtual tour?

A virtual tour is exactly what it sounds like: a digital representation of a home as you would see it if you were actually walking around the property itself. Using photo or video, you can create a virtual version of your home for potential buyers to explore without even leaving their own homes. Not only is it more convenient for the buyer, but it's also more convenient for you because it cuts down on the number of buyers actually tramping through your home.

You might think that creating a virtual tour is beyond your abilities, but there are plenty of tools out there that make it easy, so don't discount having one for your condo for sale if you're not a web designer. Many sell-it-yourself listings websites allow you to upload a series of photos or a video that their system will turn into a virtual tour for you. Alternatively, if you hire a real estate agent this is something he or she will take care of for you if you decide you want one made.

To create a virtual tour of your home, go through taking photos or making video as if you were a buyer inspecting the place critically. Make sure to get wide shots of each room and how it connects to the other rooms as well as detail shots of anything buyers would want to look at up close, such as the furnace or fireplace. Even the paint colour of the walls. Open closets. Look out windows. You can also have a professional in who will capture the entire space and make a navigable video game style tour if you have the money.

Before you take the photos or video for your virtual tour, make sure your place looks like the most attractive townhouse for sale. Repaint, repair, and clean everything top to bottom. Leave the lights on and the curtains open so the place looks bright and inviting. And don't forget the exterior.

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