It can be heartbreaking to think that you've gotten the perfect shot of your daughter winning a competition or of your sister's wedding, only to realize that the photo has come out blurry and out of focus. There are many different shots that can be a challenge when it comes to getting them crystal clear. Sometimes it is a moving shot and other times you might just have forty people posing for the company holiday party. Here are some tips that should help you get any picture into proper focus.

Let's deal with portrait photos or other scenarios where you are taking the picture or someone or something that is completely still. The main issue that arises with these types of pictures is when you're using an auto focus and are trying to take a picture of your bride-to-be or athlete and instead of the bride's face being clear the flowers in front of them have taken precedent. The best way to fix this issue is to change your angle of the shot so that the person you're attempting to take the picture of is in the center of the frame. This is usually the figure that the auto focus will choose when it's assessing your picture trying to determine the subject.

With modern digital cameras you might not have the option to completely move to manual focus where you can adjust the aperture and lens on your own but that doesn't mean that you don't have any control over the picture. Check to see if there is an option where you can tell the camera what the subject of the picture is. If you're taking commercial shots for food products for instance, you might want to isolate one item at a time. This feature will usually allow you to click on or put a box around the focus point.

Action shots are a little trickier to get in focus but are definitely possible when working with most cameras. If you have one of the standard digital cameras that you see in most people's homes than it might have a feature that will help you take moving pictures. This setting is meant to speed up the shutter speed of your camera so that the picture itself is actually taken more quickly than a standard shot. If you're dealing with a manual camera than you should be able to control the shutter speed on your own. When you're bringing your pictures to a photo shop you will likely find that changing this one setting can make a huge difference to the focus of your shot.

Nikon has some great suggestions for taking better portrait photographs.

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