If you've always dreamed about leaving your property to one day attend a world-renowned foreign film festival such as the Festival de Cannes or the Toronto International Film Festival you should brush up on your international travel information first.

You don't want to start booking any plane tickets just yet, as many international countries you plan on visiting have travel restrictions placed on them. International travel, while worthwhile, can be a hassle to navigate your way around and if you're not prepared for every stage of international travel you might just have to tell the taxi driver that brought you to the airport to take you right back home.

The first thing you need to do when planning for international travel is to make sure your passport is valid and up-to-date. You won't be leaving or entering any country with an expired passport so head over to your local passport branch to pick up an application and then get your passport photo taken, even if it means having to spend a whole day away from your luxury rental to get it done.

Once that's done you should research the country you're going to be visiting to learn about any security, health and safety conditions, as well as entry requirements. Some countries require you to get certain vaccinations before you enter and it's best to get those vaccinations done as soon as possible. In some cases you might be traveling to a country where the conditions aren't that safe, which will make you re-consider booking time off work from your job.

The next thing you need to inquire about is a tourist visa, as some countries require you to have one in order to enter their country, even if it's a visit that will last less than three months. If that's the case you need to apply for one well in advance of your trip. Another smart thing to do when it comes to international travel is obtain travel and health insurance. Anything from losing your luggage to getting sick can happen while traveling and you want to be well secured if something were to happen to you. Most travel and health insurance won't cost you a whole lot and are worthwhile investments.

Oh, and don't forget to change your currency. Buying souvenirs, going to art for people museum exhibits, and purchasing film festival tickets all add up, which makes foreign travel expensive. Exchanging your currency before you leave is a smart idea, as you won't get bamboozled by any locals trying to pull a fast one on you. If you follow our international travel tips you should have no worries. Safe travels!

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