Often the difference between getting a lot of offers on your loft for sale and having trouble offloading it can be the quality of your listing. A good listing makes a home seem attractive and perfect and invites buyers in for a closer look. The trouble is, if you're not hiring a real estate agent, you'll have to create the listing on your own, even the most important part of the listing - the photo. This article contains helpful photo tips that will guide you in your quest to make the perfect listing.

Unless you want to sell your real estate for a fraction of what it's worth, don't just use any old photo of your house. Many people who are going the For Sale By Owner route make this mistake. Do not use a picture you took in the yard of your family during the reunion with the house in the background. Do not just take your digital camera across the road and snap a picture. 99 times out of 100, these photos will make your house look faded, tired, and not worth a second glance.

The first thing you need to do if you want to take a really nice photo is to fix up the exterior of your property. Homes for sale that have a new coat of paint on them sell better than ones that are faded and peeling. This is a fact. So repaint the exterior. You can even hire a professional painter to do the job for you. Reseal your driveway to get it looking fresh and new. Mow your lawn, and if it's not green enough, you might think of getting some sod or grass seed. Remove all toys, bikes, and vehicles. Open the curtains. Prune the bushes, and plant some neat looking flowers in the beds.

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The best time to put up a home or even an airport for sale is the spring, when people are looking for new beginnings. Winter home photos are always less appealing, but if you need to sell in December it can't be helped. If you have to take a winter photo, wait for a new snowfall. Leave the snow on the lawn pristine, but neatly plow or snowblow the white stuff off the driveways and walkways.

No matter what the season, do what your realtor would have done for you: wait for a nice, sunny day where the sun is shining obliquely (not directly behind or in front of your home) and snap the photo. Frame the home in the center of the shot and don't let it overlap onto your neighbors' properties. If your hand is not the steadiest in the world, buy or borrow a tripod to rest the camera on.

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