Any expert photographer instinctively knows whether or not they should use flash or no flash when taking a picture. It doesn't matter if they're taking exterior shots of hotels or are indoors photographing bowls of fruit in a perfectly lit room. For many others who don't consider themselves experts in the field of photography the decision to use flash or to not use flash is a constant struggle.

Luckily for you're we're here to provide you some handy tips when it comes to deciding whether or not to you use the flash button when taking exterior pictures or inside your home.

Flash is something you usually want to use when taking pictures at night as it provides you with quite a bit of light and gets your camera's shutter speed operating at a faster speed. Both are very good qualities to have and ones that come very much in handy when taking night photos. Taking pictures with the flash on also means your pictures won't be coming out as dark as you're surroundings.

However, there are drawbacks to using flash when taking photos and they usually come about when you use the flash option on your button too liberally and recklessly. Using the flash button too much or not in the right moments can cause your camera to wash out everybody's features and even gives your photos the dreaded red eye look. Not to mention how distracting the light can be when you're taking photos with a very bright flash. If you're taking photos at a party and the flash is too bright you might end up with a bunch of useless photos of your family with their eyes closed.

When pressing the flash button on your camera you have to ask yourself if the extra light that comes from the use of the flash button worth it or will it cause your photos to come out a little messed up? Of course if you don't use the flash button with every picture you take you still just might find your art work worthy of being put in galleries next to famous work, well at least in your own mind you might think that way.

Take a look at every picture you take to see if the situation warrants a flash or not. Hopefully the tips we provided above will help you when you make your decision.

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