Everyone loves to hear the stories of the lowly workers who worked events and were spotted by famous producers and whisked away to a life of stardom though acting without ever having taken a class in their lives. However, the vast majority of actors have formal training that helps them to unlock their potential. If you think you might like to try acting, either professionally or as a hobby, here are some things to think about while you're looking for a class.

The type of acting you want to do will determine what sort of acting class you should sign up for. Screen actors have different practices and skills than stage actors, who are a different breed entirely from actors who wish to make a name for themselves in musicals and comedians who appear in improv sketch shows. A student who goes looking for a class will quickly discover that he has a lot of options, so knowing what type of acting you want to do will help to narrow down the options.

You'll also need to ask yourself what your goals are for your class. Would you like to take up acting as a hobby just to get out of your Plano real estate for a while? Are you doing it to get more comfortable in front of an audience so you can overcome your shyness? Or do you really want to make a career out of acting? Students from the first two categories will do well in classes offered by local theater groups and drama societies but for the third group the best option is to look into professional university and college level classes.

When you're looking for a class to take with your fellow peers so you can have a little fun after work, the important thing is finding a group and an instructor that you feel comfortable with. This will help you find the courage to participate in activities with your classmates. Therefore the best thing to do is to visit a few different drama groups and see which one suits you best.

For those looking for professional instruction, you'll want to look for two things when you're choosing your program. The first is a solid grounding in business and bookkeeping so you can manage your finances as an actor. The second is a good name, either of the school or of your instructor, that will open doors to auditions.

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