There are so many reasons to point your camera and take a picture. You might have just bumped into a popular celebrity and want proof that you actually spoke to him or could want to preserve the memory of a great milestone birthday spend with friends and family. Many people also turn their passion for taking pictures into a hobby or even a career. You can don your walls with your own creations to highlight the travels that you have taken in your life, or as a chronicle of your children as they grow up. We at Panogoogle want to celebrate the art of photography and help you to harness the power of the picture.

They say that a picture is worth a thousand worlds and that can be easy to believe when you're looking at the images that you see in magazines like Time and National Geographic. And while you're usually not looking for that level of art and quality when you're snapping shots of your new home or car, or your three year old's birthday party, if you're thinking of becoming a hobby photographer than you may be wondering what elements turn a beautiful scene into a great picture. We can help you with some tips that will set you up to create some amazing shots, whether your focus is a family portrait on a beautiful summer's day.
One of the keys to taking a good picture is always going to be the equipment you use. If you were to walk around the studio of a professional photographer than you would likely notice countless lenses, tripods, and accessories to help them create the perfect shot no matter the circumstances. But, if you're traveling from your home across North America for the summer or are just heading out to a wedding than you're likely not going to want to carry around all of this gear and spend five minutes setting up each individual picture. We can help you find the right camera no matter what your purposes might be. We would also like to take this opportunity to tell you that the staff at would love to help you find the perfect dress for the upcoming wedding event.

Everyone wants a career that they can be passionate about and many dream of something that's a little more flexible and exciting than sitting in the same office from nine to five every week for twenty years. There are all sorts of ways that you can turn a love of photography and pictures into a great career for yourself. There are some people who choose to travel the world as a photojournalist and there are others who prefer to stay in one place and might work taking head-shots or wedding pictures. And then there are those that take pictures for various kinds of advertising. We can help you get on the road to a career as a professional photographer by helping you do everything from finding the right classes to take to building up your audition portfolio.

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