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Going to see your Woodbridge dentist is something you need to do on a regular basis. Not because your dentist is the only person in the world who can see whether or not you're doing a good job brushing and flossing every day but it's also because dentists can see what's hidden, if anything, underneath your pearly whites and gums.

Most people who go to their Aurora dentists regularly can kind of tell what condition their teeth and gums are in just from brushing and flossing on a consistent basis. If your teeth are white and not rotting and if your gums don't bleed after every flossing you should be in relatively stable condition. However, that won't necessarily mean there isn't something wrong though and in most cases the one thing to look out for is gum disease.

Regular tooth and gum cleanings is something the best dentists in Yonge and Davisville will tell their patients they need to come in for so that they can get an up close and personal look at their teeth and gums. Gum disease is one of the most common oral health problems facing people today and it's a serious matter that needs to be taken care of as quickly as possible.

The thing about gum disease that should alarm anybody reading this is that gum disease is something that not only develops slowly but also occurs without causing much pain. So, even though you might be on top of your brushing or you go to the dentist Kitchener Ontario clinic every six or nine months and feel like everything with your gums is okay that might be completely opposite of true. Having your gums checked out by your dentist is the only way to truly find out whether or not you may have gum disease.

The worst aspect of gum disease is the fact that no signs of gum disease may present itself in individuals who contract gum disease until it's too late and the danger of teeth loss comes into play. However, even with that information in hand, gum disease is something that can be prevented, treated, and reversed if detected early enough. Brushing and flossing every day is the best gum disease prevention but even that might not be enough. If you're diagnosed with gum disease it can be treated by a vigorous teeth cleaning and plaque removing session with your dentist. If it's a truly bad case then a visit with a periodontist will be in order. Signs of gum disease you should look out for include color change in gums, redness around the gums, bleeding gums after flossing, bad breath that never leaves, puffy gums, sore gums, shiny gums, and sensitive teeth.

If you don't take care of your teeth and gums and it turns out that you do have a case of gum disease that hasn't been diagnosed until way after the fact your next dental appointment may be with a cosmetic dentist in Mississauga instead of your regular family dentist. If that's not something you want to have to deal with it's best to get your gums checked out by an oral health care professional.

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